Get Ready Get Set

Hey, been off on some tangents lately that are important to me like food domination and the price of development at a local level. So, I want to get back to bike riding and why if you haven’t been doing it all your life I want to touch on how to begin. Get ready and get set and that is all you need and of course a bike.

Well, this is how I begin my day for my bike ride to work. There is no mind game to psyche myself to bike ride to work. What there is is preparation of gear I need for the season, checking the temperature, packing my tote bag and my wallet and phone. That’s about it to get ready. The Get Set is the tricky part. Did you think this would be easy? To be set or to get set is the appearance that you are ready for the stuff that makes bike riding a fun outdoors activity. Is that the same as being ready? Not at all. To get set is the awareness that whatever I did to get me to the threshold of my door this morning and take off on my bike is the culmination of many behaviors that are all firing at the same time. To get set is the much like “just do it.” To get set does not imply that doing it is easy. If just doing it was so easy we would be a fit nation and I would be writing humor. No, the behavior is many layered and value driven. To get set might be pictured as your life racing before your eyes. It’s your life so imagine it as you get ready and set. The behaviors associated with your memory fuels your body with the energy to get moving again. Once you make the move towards your bike, a certain strength develops and is also calming. Your bike is at the ready and you take off down the street. Now the change that has taken place is in real-time. Keep aware of your surroundings. This might be something new if you have been driving your car all your life.

Let’s take a look at how behavior  at a subconscious level when we choose to drive a car to work or wherever. The get ready part to drive is an improvisation that has become a mindless routine for the most part.  There is no “get set” in this behavior  and  apparent by the gross numbers of single occupant cars. But, don’t be so quick  to think there are not unintended consequences to a life of driving a car. Why do you think an epic obesity rate occuring in a society where driving makes humans all one-dimensional? We should pin this on the car and on behaviors that are related to a car centric society. Cars have made us all lazy. What I want to make clear is that in a car centric society there is very little forethougt to “getting set”. This phrase most base meaning is to imply that a neuron of thought has passed between the ego and the object of our attention, which can’t occur when isolated and insulated from the world.


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