The Village and The City

Make no mistake about it that the village in Africa is being assaulted by the local elite who are in cahoots with world-wide investors to drive small farmers from the land and automate farm production for profit. The blatant land grabs by economic hit men who represent secret investors in commodities intend to dominate world food production. The template is the United States corporate farm and farmer. It was this systematic dismantling of the small farm over a thirty year period that has consolidated all U.S.agricultural industries. The feed industry, the poultry ,meat and hog industries have all put the small farmer out of business. Can this template do nothing but ruin subsistence farmers in Africa and elsewhere? So what should we do about it? And what is it that the small village has of value that we could share so those of us in the city can show solidarity with our most vulnerable in villages all over the planet? As Americans we don’t have to be do gooders but, when we do nothing  we are just as guilty as the elite and economic hit men.

As villages go in many areas of Africa, there is one thing that elevates a persons mobility. That’s a bicycle. Simply having two wheels to get you to school is bringing prosperity to boys and girls who would otherwise be stuck in a time warp. When an American stops driving a car in a way we come unstuck from our own time warp.

The mumbo jumbo which assaults the American citizen that has created the fantasy that the world exist for our pleasure at the expense of anyone in our way is the first thing to turn off. It was said decades ago to tune out. Boy, don’t we need to! But how can we when the messages only get louder. There is an insurance commercial that has come out where everyone is shouting, horrified when they see the sales price of the item they have purchased which has been slashed to rock bottom pricing. The impact is incredible, the shout, the look of terror on their faces because in their mind they were cheated.  In thirty seconds there are thirty shouts and the viewer is left exhausted. This may be a fictional piece for Americans to steer them towards buying a product that doesn’t inflate their pricing but, this is the reality of villagers who have been working the land for generations that are now told to leave it and find somewhere else to live. Or do something else with their lives after being cheated. The horror and fear of displacement is real. Lacking skills and education a new life is no life when you are cheated. Americans won’t hear the scream and shouts as these people are pushed off the land by schemers and big men who are cheating real people in the name of technology and prosperity. None of these mechanized farm operations that spring up in third world countries has provided a better life for the thousands and millions they claim.

We need to step back and see what American prosperity has done to America in the past 40 years. Exporting manufacturing and unemployment has decimated the middle class. Sedentary office jobs has created a public health epidemic. Corporate farming has already been mentioned to have destroyed the family farm. Infrastructure has not kept apace of Europe or China. Maybe, most importantly, we are governed by a rich elite that is opportunistic. Our policies have divided the haves and have-nots. We can’t let that continue  or we are sunk ourselves even lower. It’s time to wake up and be your own expert in life. Those good people running the show need a wake up call too. Get on a bike and ride in solidarity with villagers of the world. When you do this you have made an incredible step towards a true world view. From Copenhagen to Tanzania all of us have the ability to change. Stick it to the man and tune their shit out. The world will feed itself, and we don’t need a corporation to do it.


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