Cow Bell Kodo

Kodo is back on the blog today recurring with the idea of soul in motion and looking at the sound dimension Kodo and of bike riding in an urban situation. Take winter bike riding and the many situations that come into play. It ain’t all that silent. Winds howl. Hats muffle passing cars. Horns honk. Bicyclist tinkle bells. And then there is the sound of a cow bell hanging from the rails of my seat. The cow bell is as if it were a sentry sounding a musical rhythm  to the vagaries of the road.

Cow Bell Kodo- copyright 2012 author

Are their other cow bell riders out there? I don’t know if I have ever of heard one. I’m sure somewhere on the planet I have a cow bell doppelgänger sounding out like Tibetan chimes. The sound of my cow bell is soothing. It doesn’t smooth the bumps that I jog over or the rough road that just happens to be in my way. My cow bell rings with a life of its own and on occasion elicits a smile from listeners. This is the Kodo of a Cow Bell. Sound in motion. Not for every bike rider, a cow bell has its own energy, so if you are the curator type looking for the latest thing, please stick with the brass handlebar bell. If you are the mad bomber type, the cow bell is not for you either and possibly I would recommend a canned air horn, like those that are used at the start of a regatta. No, Cow Bell Kodo is best left alone as its energy is with the bike. Until the next time, bike ride like you are sensing Kodo for the first time. You are that soul in motion!


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