The Future is Here

The Future is Here

Some tools like a telephone wired to a land line will never cease to exist anytime soon. Just like cars with internal combustion engines will be around for decades to come. So what does the future look like when so many technologies are smashing against the old tide? The future is already here. Just look around at the vacant office buildings and big box stores that are dying. Opinion has it that Best Buy is on a short list for too big to fail. The future is here.

A permanent shortage of jobs in America is the result of a plan for the future. Who is to blame for our future where a country so rich could be in decline? Start with the economic hit men that run our corporations. Look at the Bush years. The Madoff mania. FIRE. Finance Insurance Real Estate. The future is here. Finance is again taking big bonuses. Insurance has nowhere to invest. Real Estate is handing back speculative land to farmers. America can’t survive when an economy is paper based and we don’t make anything. The future is here. When we dig the dirt. Conserve our resources. Reap what we sow. Rethink our worldview. The future is here. Unplug. Feed your mind. Walk the street to catch a glimpse of the future. You are that person racing by kicking up dust. You have become the office drone. Your destiny is the dole or disability if you are one of the unlucky ones.

Get on a bike ride and marvel at the future. That we might spend our future days doing just the opposite of what our culture says we must do is the spark that will ignite a restoration in our towns and cities. Opposition is not denying. Denial is your enemy. The fear to look deeper for meaning in your life is not a dignified way to live. A slave has more honor in their heart than a country of lost souls. Pull out the bike and never stop riding. You and your car are a menace to living a good life, only you have never been told this. The future is here. Watch it on TV. Buy a car, Buy a truck, buy fast food, see the car lots, see the fast food, look at your street with all the cars parked. Highways jammed. The future is here. Americans will have to have their oil. The future is here. War again for oil. Economic hit men pulling the strings to get you oil. Drones and killing for you to get your oil. The future is here.



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