Fight Childhood Obesity with a Detroit Handlebar

Detroit Handlebar for single speed

Bianchi Rollo single speed - Detroit Handlebar

Insurers will have to screen children for obesity and begin counseling them. This will be an uphill battle if there is not a better bicycle cockpit than the traditional flat or riser bar. The Detroit Handlebar when scaled to small hands is far superior to any kids bike set up in the market today. The excuse that is kids are fat is the many digital distractions that keep them home, isolated from friends, off the street. We know the real reason is parents fear. Fear that their child will be hurt. Fear they will be taken. Fear of losing control of the little humans  in their care. And in the process the parents is either totally engaged with an agenda or they let the kid smack down on digital programing. Well this fear and isolation can be addressed with bike riding by both the parent and child. When future kid bikes are set up that mimic the parent bikes I propose the set up is a Detroit Bar.

I believe that fighting obesity needs to start in small communities across America. Rural towns under 50K should be mandated to bike ride, first on a volunteer basis. You know, give the rural people incentive to bike ride to show the way for urban people. Trying to get large urban populations involved from the start has not worked even with infrastructure improvements and an epidemic raging from America to the rest of the world.

In yesterday’s post I suggested that the ethanol mandate is wrong. Government is manipulating nutrition on a global scale when fueling cars with crop materials. It comes down to you and how much more you want to be manipulated. When you bike ride and your kids bike ride, there is no more exchange of money going into markets that are killing people. Next time you tank up, there is a meal missing on someones plate because of the ethanol mandate. Can we not mandate something good and reverse course? The Detroit Bar gives all bike riders a solution to painful consequences that traditional and outdated designs have caused. It’s a step forward to re design the bike cock pit to help re design bodies and the soul of our towns and cities.


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