Repeal the Ethanol Mandate

Hey, bike riders and car drivers we have to pay attention to the Government mandate for ethanol production. The mandate needs to be repealed because it is wrong to burn food in our cars. The people who are getting rich off this government meddling in US energy and world food markets don’t give a damn about you and me. The excuse that we can’t do anything about it does not fly. You can drive your car less. Much less. Demand will fall and false markets will crash, bringing down food and energy cost. So, yeah, you really can do something about big brother. Its stick it to the man everyday you ride your bike. Why we need to make 2012 the year to use a bike is the risk are ever greater as time goes by. The risk I speak of is the angry crowds around the world that will experience food riots again as food commodities sky-rocket. In the past two years commodity speculation has boomed while regulation  turns a blind eye. Crop land  pricing is experiencing a boom as well. While America burns mono crops, tilling every morsel of land is spelling a bust for farmers. Will American tax payers have to bail them out too? You know we have to eat. And in the end if farmers and the government continue with the ethanol  ponzi scheme there will many people around the world who will not eat and will pay in blood for the folly we are  perpetrating. Until the mandate is repealed bike ride often. Send the message that we don’t want the government mandating ethanol energy.


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