Choosing or Loosing

Can you blame the sales marketing of exercise and the proliferation of health clubs, info commercials and assorted gadgets on the the dearth of healthy Americans?  There is something to be said to loosing calories and tone up the muscles and it can be got by everyone at any given price. This time of year people are going overboard joining clubs and getting gear for that first run indoors on a treadmill. Then as we all know these attempts at fitness fad away until the next crop of well intentioned smucks hear the siren song of the YMCA.

Beneath the Desk Peddler - WTF

Is it just a cultural thing we have that for all the stuff it seems the results are contrary to the intended outcome? The more stuff we have like health gadgets and memberships the less active some of us become. The more stuff we have like corporate food the less healthy some of us become. The more stuff that makes us mobile, cars, the slower we become. See the correlation is that some stuff really works and most other stuff is just that. Stuff that people sell to make a buck. So are there gadgets that people can use everyday for exercise? Food we can eat that won’t  make us fat? Mobility devices that won’t slow us down? Yeah, there is and the answer lies within you to make those choices and to ignore the marketing message. If simplifying choices is key then so be it. Ask yourself what is it about the lifestyle that we live that can be changed, not just one thing but many changes. Are we tired of the same old me doing the same old thing or can we choose to win and stop the looser from creeping in?

The peddle gadget I found in a closet at work must have been some kind of joke. Or was it? Remember we are a country that bought Nordic Track for a decade or more that ended up being a place to hang excess cloths. Is that what we have become a nation of gathers of excessive stuff? You betcha, so what is next on the promise trail? Your choice.


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