Light at the end of the tunnel

On occasion I re-publish pictures from past postings. The two pictures here were on different post and it seemed like a good idea to bring them together.

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This segues with light at the end of the tunnel, a cliche for how after 18 months of promoting a design concept, the Detroit Handlebar is getting some traction. In one way I have been preparing for some break in the culture to once and for all take notice that bike riding is an ordinary behavior. I say preparing because since the 1970’s I have believed there is a greater connection to the places I bike ride through verses the passive driving through which our culture seems to portray as normal. There is very little that we have control over in this life but I believe as times change the constant of bike riding is one thing I can depend on to maintain a youthful outlook on life. So many of my peers are suffering the fate of the road warrior,  the suburban slave, the office out of shape when once we were all young and vigorous with ideals, what happened to the post Viet-Nam generation? Were we just a bunch of sell outs or for no better word a bunch of self indulgent jerks? There is hope. Not for you but for our children. I know my sons and daughter have a much better sense of bullshit than my peer group. The hope is that there is something left over from the me generation.

My contribution to the next generation is a message I have been using as a sign off. Get on you bike and ride and leave your car behind. Check out the Detroit Bar. Easy repurposing of racing handlebars using a DIY assembly. Seeking investors for a one piece handlebar. Until the next time. Winter biking howls!!!!!


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