Fun and Games

Seems as if we are going to get serious about winter weather today. The big chill is supposed to hit and temperatures are going to plummet. Already its just at freezing right before I head out to work. As most of us who inhabit the planet know the globe is trying its best to ward off the human stain that we are inflicting with slash and burn. In my part of the world the past two months have been like spring time not winter. The weatherman has been calling it Marchuary. The fun and games for safe bike riding are numbered when we wake up tomorrow morning.  The temperatures will be less than 20 F. going down to about 5 F.

January 10 2011 45 degrees North America Icon


So, while the weather has been fair in the north, there is a broiling summer in Australia. What can any of us do to live in better harmony with mother nature? I just want to leave you with a couple pictures from Minneapolis. When people are living like there is no tomorrow we get some strange weather. Can all of us do a little bit of bike riding for the sake of a common bond or are we spectators in a 20th century one act play?


Burning Lights in the Name of Christ Jesus


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