Urban Wilderness

The places that I go on my bike have given me many opportunities for picture taking. Yesterday’s post had three original pictures and I continue today. One thing that I have always been attracted to are the objects which may be here today and gone tomorrow. The Urban Wilderness is a place which many of us can’t see the forest for the tress. When I pass this old bus now I relish how it will always be an image in my photo catalog even when it is long gone like a felled tree or a rotting stump in some metal graveyard.

Urban Wilderness Greenway Minneapolis 2011

The bus first impressed me like I imagined the bus in “Into the Wild” the story of that young dude who was disillusioned with society and went out on the adventure of his life only to perish in the back of a similar bus in the wilds of Alaska. Man, he had guts. What kind of guts does it take to choose one thing and see it through? Ok, it takes some guts to choose to bike ride on American streets, but come on, is one little adventure to the store, school or work really that FFFing hard? What kind of guts do you have? Not you, Mr. Surly bike rider, no, what kind of guts does Mr. and Mrs. office worker that sits all day, drives a car everywhere and piles the pounds on? Mr. and Mrs. can’t seem to get through the day without an ailment and complaint from too much of having too much, where is your adventure? What is wrong with your gut?

Now for a pretty picture that will be pleasing for anyone. Especially hunters. That will make the bike riders happy.

Down at the pond Minneapolis 2011

Bike riders are like hunters in a way. We only take what we need. We manage the resource so there will be stock for future generations. We prepare for the event. What does a car driver do after generations of idling away? What is the point in your adventure in life? Yes, this is a indictment on Westen society. A big middle finger to the 99 percent who choose to go along with the prepackaged mind FFF that is so maddening. Won’t you wake up to the scam? There will not be electric cars for everyone, there will not be grass made into oil, there will not be a corporation to care for you in your old age, there will not be a pretty pill to make you pretty. Get on a bike and leave your car, like you would leave a shit stink.


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