Beast Inside

Bike riding brings the beast out in some people. Like me. I don’t expect agreement from the timid rider. This post is not even for bike riders its for car drivers.

As a matter of course, my post are contrary to bike “thinking” and if you go back into the archives the message is for car drivers. Sure the naive think I’ve been writing about bikes when all along I have been egging on car drivers. What beastly things I would do to the 99 percent who sit fat and dumb behind the wheel with moist pants, nicotine headliners, french fried floor mats, coffee brown upholstery stains, beverage rattling under the seats and prairie dust review mirrors. Incased like King Tut my generation sold the F out for a life of ease. I’m lucky I kept keeping on.

Keep Keeping On

The Beast wants to be unleashed everyday to put miles and years into this thing that no one understands and its like who the F even thinks there is a reason to bike ride? What I know is that there is no reason to drive a car and when someone wants to analyze what it takes to bike ride I want to unchain the Beast.

The Beast, Italy 2011

Analyze why people want to drive a car and we will be closer to a cure for cancer. There is not a clear headed person in America if they think that car driving has reason. As I look ahead for Americans I don’t see more Beast bike riding. No the sad facts are people in this country are already too far gone to change their self centered behaviors.

Times of Big People

Scared people, duel purpose word. That would be people with fear and those that have been hurt will finally start to do themselves in on a grand scale. No one wants to take care of you anymore because you did not take care of yourself in your day.




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