Listen Up China

Not known for great grammar or long post this blog is all about bike riding wherever you reside. The  American audience that visits this blog is mostly white dudes but today I want to extend an invitation to all the Chinese people who are either bike riding or have given up their bike  riding and are leading westernized lifestyles.

First of all the message to you people is that you already have the numbers to make a significant difference in the world. Don’t let that slide. Hey, what I get is the message from those that are judging bike riders is that we don’t belong, we are poor people. Well, look beyond that. The bikes we have in America, thanks to Chinese and Taiwan manufactures are better than ever. Here is what may be missing though.

How you grip the handlebar is the primary element  that determines torso position and movement of your limbs. Bike riders can get optimum grip and comfort by using a Detroit Handlebar. So when Chinese bike riders are traditionally using a static hand grip it is because of your equipment. Slow bike riding does not have to be a pain any more. See what you can do for your bike and use what I am riding on the other side of the world.

Static postion Bridgestone XO-4 on left, Raleigh, Detroit Handlebar on right


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