This is the Detroit Bar

Detroit Bar- copyright December 26th 2011 Prototype modified REV2 DIY

The Detroit Bar brand name is significant to me this year. Since the Fall  I started wearing a Carhartt Detroit Jacket. I really liked the sound of the name, Detroit. While blogging this year the city of Detroit was on my radar many times while researching urban places. The Detroit Bar has taken an old worn out design that people have quit using and turned the design inside out and added a flair to the bar end. Much like Detroit which is worn out but still tough as nails, the Detroit jacket  and bar keeps you tough while outdoors bike riding through the winter. Like Detroit there are rough places that will someday be repurposed. The Detroit Bar repurpose the drop bar and smooths all those rough roads and bumps we pass through. Innovative design in the Detroit Bar strengthens the bike rider through increasing micro body adjustments and torso movements.

Detroit is the best example to date for the conglomeration of American industry and urban blight that is nothing now but opportunity for great change. When or if people start to move back to Detroit I think bike riding will be a major motivator for those new residents. If I am wrong then there will be many more Detroits’ where you  and your children live. The sign off is as usual, get on your bike more and ride and drive your car less.

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