The Road Narrows or Tracks of our Fathers

I’m someones dad you know. My two kids are young adults now. I’m closer to social security than I ever imagined. So what am I doing riding a bike when the road narrows from winter snow? Best answer I have is that I’m laying down the tracks of our fathers. Yeah, this is what happens when more people ride bikes in the winter. People like me get ideas. Bikes and pedestrians are safer on narrow roads.

narrow roads and lanes -- not wide avenues for safer bicycle use

As I have ridden bikes 30 long winters  in my share of American cities, 4 to be exact, I have seen how the behavior of car drivers seems to be more forgiving to bike riders when the road narrows. Picture the double tire track of most any city street and a bike rider in the right track. What do most drivers do? They aren’t honking or running bike riders over, but they are actually going around the bike rider. If this was high summer I can guarantee the driver  would not only be thinking of murdering the bike rider but they might just be acting on it! So yeah, there is a place on the road in the winter time for bike riders where any other time of year it just might be more sketchy.  Irony of all this is how the bike industry just closes up shop in the winter. Where are the “balls” in the bike industry? I have absolutely no sympathy for an industry that can’t seem to create a four season bike riding country. What are they waiting for? Don’t they want to make money? Even fishing is a four season sport. People bowl all year-long. Swimming is four season if you belong to a club. Bike riding in cold weather is not a sport, nor a leisure activity. Winter bike riding is one of the coolest forms of transportation around. It takes skill to ride and skill to dress for the elements. No talent or fearlessness is required to winter bike ride. Be sensible and dress like your mother would have dressed you.


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