What makes you think?

The round trip to St. Paul today was unlike any I’ve ever attempted this winter. Duh, the first snow was this past weekend and the commute home was after sunset. Nighttime for you folks that want detail.  The snow that fell was embedded into asphalt in icy chunks or glazed ruts along a route meandering from Lake street to Grand avenue. The bike paths were no better this morning. Mainly icy and patches of dry pavement. So, the only choice I had at times was to take the lane when I could or just pull over at other times when the traffic needed to get by.

I believe in a little give and take. The bike ride in the winter reminds me of this belief. For all the great blue sky days I have had this year there will be many black as night and cold snowy days ahead. This was one of them. It will only get worse before it gets better, but today I was not too cold that I still had my face uncovered. Actually, I was well insulated and layered. Most important too was I made the 28 miles upright, not falling down.

What makes you think riding around in a car for god knows an entire lifetime is better than a bike ride like the one I just had? There is something fundamentally wrong in the American culture for the majority just sit there year after year getting sicker and fat and angrier and pathetic. This is what your office job and car are doing to you and you don’t know what makes you think.

What Makes You Think, photo by author

The secret to life is a bike ride. For no matter what that day has ahead for us, getting on a bike is better when you think about all those years you have wasted in a car. Literally, years of your life  sitting, waiting in a drive thru, racing to work, cutting off other drivers, running red lights, cussing people for taking your parking space, near misses and fender benders, speeding tickets and parking fees and parking fines driving you crazy and you don’t know what makes you think. No sense going on about losers in cars. If you want to be a winner, a hero, get out of your car and ride your bike more that is what makes you think.


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