Rest and Arrest and the Rest of Us

The Sunday lineup of football games stretching from early afternoon until bed time is enough couch time to paralyze the most fit. What all this laying around  in varying degrees does for the rest of us results in the out of shape slobs we greet on Monday morning at work. This day of rest has become so institutionalized that it’s everyday and night as we jump at every opportunity to rest. Chained to a TV. Manacled to a flat screen console. And this is just while we work then drive home  for more of that same behavior, literally sedentary for an entire lifetime. Destined for cardiac arrest. Doing a Patrice Oneal. You know what is wrong with this picture is our own personal endorsement. Blame this $hity health problem on that person staring back at you in the mirror.

The Table is Set photo by the author

A hard man is good to find. But, a healthy unmedicated man is harder to find. So what is the ultimate hard man in cycling have to do with our lives in America in 2012. Tommy Godwin was an ordinary British man with a goal and vision, something we could all do with a dose of. The holder of the world record in long distance cycling, Godwin rode in a year over 75,000 miles.

He did one thing after his table was set. He rode everyday. Incredible what the human body is capable of. Tommy didn’t rest. To this day the record of 70 years still stands. It won’t be attempted again because the Guinness Book of Records deems it too dangerous. Kind of immortalizes Tommy, but he didn’t intend be a hero and isn’t one to many people outside of his friends and family. I think if you read his story, Tommy goes to show us that a bike ride daily for whatever reason is going to change your life and the friends and family around you. What if most people rode bikes in the community they lived in? What changes would they see in themselves? What is stopping Americans from bike riding? Are they afraid to accept that they can be their own hero? With a fraction of Tommy at their core a sedentary armchair couch potato has only to get on the bike and ride to be a hero.


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