Ecovelo calling it quits

The announcement today from the Ecovelo website that they are calling it quits on January 1st 2012 came as a big surprise. This turning of the page could mean most anything and I don’t want to speculate other than we have to walk away from things when or if family and personal time are jeopordized. Ecovelo was a blog from the start over 3300 post ago. Then early this summer the blog and Alan Barnard the curator photographer decided to dismiss viewer comment. As an avid reader and viewer I had grown to appreciate the comment section and with that gone my interest in the web/blog fell to a curiosity factor rather than the robust nature of blogging where ideas were shared. I know the rigors of maintaining a blog of Ecovelo’s caliber would be a challenge for the likes of me.

It is ironic that I have posted for a year now and to see a stalwart blog pass out of sight as this the 1st anniversary of my blog. The commitment to do this for years on end is always in the back of peoples minds when they start out on the internet. Some people like Alan have had multple blogs, anothe big one was his recumbent blog. All told he’s got like six years or more blogging. Well give it a rest Alan, you deserve it. In the meantime folks there are plenty of bike blogs to get your rocks off on. I’m not sure if Alan’s readers will find anything as slick with photography as his but give us a shake.

Yesterday I posted some Iphone photos of Todd Van Fleet’s vintage bikes. If bike porn is what you are looking for this is the stuff. Sorry, most of what you see on my blog will be original photo’s with a certain grittyness unlike Alans’ masterpieces and I don’t do bike porn personally.

And, not for nothing but, Ecovelo seemed to tow the party line for bicycle distributors and accessory manufacturers of the “highest caliber”  How much can you promote internal geared bikes to a public that doesn’t know what a 3 speed is let alone a Roloff 14 speed. I think it is great for white males to take a break from bike lust. Alan you have given back the life of many a man who has trolled your site and now see their folly was for naught. Thanks Alan for a great trove of pictures and some insight into the male psyche. See you on the road. And if you are in Minnepolis this winter I’ll have a bike for you to ride.

"The Edge" Auguste Rodin once said, “The body always expresses the spirit for which it is the shell.”

Thus winter is really here in the North. While visiting Colorado over Thanksgiving weekend I had the pleasure to view some cool sculptures in Vail. The Edge is part of Vail’s Art in Public Places program. When you don’t ski then bike riding in snow and winter is the next best thing. Get on your bike and ride. Otherwise you are just slowly dying.


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