365 Days

The blog is ending the year with this 240th post. Like other bike blogs the writer has had plenty to say on a variety of topics somehow threading ideas together with bike riding. For me the experience has been a good one. The momentum though could go either way. So many blogs are unread and this one is dubious. The other day for instance I had 4 spam comments. Is anyone alive reading this thing or are cyber  bots the only fans. Well it would sure be nice to have a comment or two. What I have been seeing a lot of is searches for images linking to my blog. If you like the image go ahead and use it. Today I will leave you with an image of the bike church. In the next couple days I will post something from Colorado from another photographer that I admire. See you and keep bike riding through the winter. Your sense of place and the people who see you will be better for the effort.

Bike Church photo credit author


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