Wonders seem to never cease as the spaces I find on the trip through Southdale Mall in Edina. The ease to move on a bike took a turn for the better when I followed the east west Promenade under France Avenue. Small wonder for pedestrians to be able to get across on one of the best looking and maintained bike and pedestrian trails I have ever seen.

Get Connected and Bike Ride in Edina

What we are looking at is the core for more bike riding in Edina. The only thing holding that back is the high speeds on the roadways through this area. If bike riding is nothing but the pursuit of recreation there will be some disappointed bike riders who come through here when the 17 mile trail connection is finished. For now the Edina Promenade is exclusively the domain of nearby residents, ie wealthy and retired.

Underpass France Avenue connecting the future of bike riding in Edina


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