Promenade in Edina

Over the course of a week of bike riding at night through the Southdale Mall area I have not taken the same route twice. My experience has taught we one thing about route choice and that is when there is no one good way around or through a place then go slow and stay totally alert. This is the invisible mode I grew up with in Indianapolis when I had to go through rough neighborhoods. Only thing then was to really stay invisible meant no lights to indicate my presence. To be invisible to car drivers is figuratively speaking, for my ride at night is silent where traffic isolates drivers senses and they have no idea that a bike is in “their space”.

Promenade in Edina Minnesota

So last night I took some pictures of this little known part of the Southdale area. The Promenade was busier than any other time I’ve biked here. The dog walkers were out and a few people were walking to destinations unknown.

Dog Walker November 17th

This route took me north to the Mall and then I was on my own. Like I’ve said in other post the Mall area is like a fortress that keeps bicyclist and pedestrians out by the fact that crossing the bridges at France and Xerxes over HWY 62 is very dangerous. Chalk this ride in the category of having found a jewel in the rough, but the cities of Edina and  Richfield have created a trail that goes nowhere. Beautiful loser until the Promenade links to a safe passage for bike riders and pedestrians.


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