Autumn Bike Riding

Up north in Minnesota we often hear there are two seasons, winter and road repair. Ha,Ha, translating this to two seasons summer and winter we forget about autumn and spring entirely. Unless that is you are an “outdoorsman.” The four season bike rider is hardly on the radar of the common folks even though urban areas will see more bike riders in winter than hunters and fishermen. This being the land of lakes, anglers are ice fishing and can be seen on drives throughout the state. Hunters never seen obviously, if we saw them surely their prey would too. So just getting back on topic here, Fall is a season that is unpredictable. This year two weather patterns persist. Windy and dry. The bike rides since September, a full 10 weeks have been warm and impossible to beat for those of us in urban areas that are drawn to the outdoors.

2011 Winter Crystals near Lake Calhoun Minneapolis

Last winter I took this picture in the dead of winter. The picture below I took yesterday with the Iphone.

Cedar Lake dirt road with Minneapolis in background




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