Squatters? What’s Next?

On the blog I have posted pictures of an old bus and an old shed. Both taken at the same property in Minneapolis. The significance is the theme of old stuff disappearing soon after I have taken the picture, a theme that has interested me through out my life. Well you could say even new stuff disappears too. But, I like the old stuff. So, as the News of the day is proposing change in the USA, change has taken some U-Turns because like everything even the economy has worn itself out. The sprawling Americana is finding new neighbors in the oddest places. But, first a photo from a label, one of times gone by or times ahead, you be the judge.

Brady's Irish Cream --Pedaling the good life

The L.A. Times recently reported how farmers are buying back the land that speculators had set aside for residential development. In some cases the previous owners, farm families, have bought back the land they had sold for big profits. Experts are saying the era of big development is over. Higher fuel and food cost make long commutes undesirable. It could be decades before any new development is started. Then there is the census report the Hispanic population is growing in small towns in the Plains states while the white population is decreasing. These two demographic pictures are trends that have started in a very short period. What is next? Squatters? Well in a way Occupy Wall Street is the start of squatting. People that are not necessarily homeless are in fact living in parks. Who is to say they won’t Occupy Detroit? What better place than motor city. How ironic, that Detroit is bust and the one thing that could save it would be squatters on bicycles?

The trends are shaping up for tighter communities with diverse backgrounds. If it can start in small towns and parks this is a whole different way of driving the economy than we have ever seen before.


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