Searching for a Bike

There comes a time when searching for a bike goes from surfing Craigslist to making the appointments and bringing the cash. Going from wishing I had a different bike to having a couple possible options. There appeared today two bikes in the ball park of $250. One is close to 20 years old and has hardly been ridden. The other is a classic high-end French touring model from the 70’s. Both are steel frames. Why I mention these bikes is that there are some very good deals out there still for used bikes. And with so many new bikes made of aluminum the market for new steel is pricey. I just don’t have a grand sitting around that I can tap into. And besides, a factor in buying used is the bikes are just as relevant.

Not posting any pictures or descriptions until or if I buy one or the other. Last sentence is so broken english I had to read it twice. Didn’t change a thing so there. What I feel the point I want to make is how someone who is going to start riding and has yet to get a bike can do so with a little effort. Craiglist often has the best deals with better than average pictures so going to a used bike shop seems sort of 90’s. Some bikes go really fast so following up with your phone number and making a time to meet are the first steps towards getting the ride you want. In my case, one of the bikes would make a great winter bike to replace the Raleigh. The French bike would be a great bike for next spring again replacing the Raleigh. For less than $500 I could have both I suppose. Doing the math that is getting two for less than half the price of a new bike. But, I know I only need one more bike so I can eventually sell the Raleigh and have my Masi for summer, the Rollo for short jaunts and the whatever for inclement weather. Oh and by the way, the new bike will have REV 2 bars when I get done with it.

Note: one of my most popular post has this one picture of a bike mishap and I’m thinking that the optimization of this photo is causing problems. Traffic is nice but, one post does not make this blog go around.


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