Tooling ain’t Fooling

Gonna cut to the chase with this post/ The bike that you ride is a tool and I ain’t fooling. It is at the least a tool for moving your lazy butt. Pretty functional thing the bike when you get aboard and take off down the street. Of course you have to really give it some thought to see the benefit. No fear and no worry. 100% attention to the details of your surroundings is about all this tool needs from you. Sorry to see that my fellow residents in this country don’t know “the bike” like it is some alien thing and that a car is the norm.

St Paul MN Abundance  2011

Buy here Pay Here was in the LA Times reports yesterday. This is a big booming business that Wall Street is ready to cash in on. The scheme goes like this. People who have bad or no credit contract to purchase cars at inflated prices with triple the interest rates of banks. When they can’t pay, the odds are 1 in 4 don’t, then the car is repossessed. This sounds just like the mortgage bubble. And big finance is betting on the outcome. Predatory lending has just found another channel, the people who can least afford these payments have nowhere to turn. Of course, the practice of buying a car won’t go away unless people just say no to buying from these Buy Here Pay Here Dealers. The alternative is to bike and take public transit. Sure the concept is too far out for most people. But, how can someone be so ignorant of the cost of these used cars and not look at a bus ride as a better economical choice. Or buy a bike and finally change your own behavior? Bikes are the tool you fool.


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