Any other time I would have made the decision to bike ride today based on linear thinking. I ride because I have been doing it all my life. Today though I was inspired to think of this decision as something like spiral thinking. Linear is rigid like steel or wood. Spiral is like an arching arrow or fluid like moving water or in motion like a tumbleweed. This difference  being brought up in western culture wires us to be lineal thinkers and is easy to identify with for example I ride from point A to point B. Spiral though imports abstract thought and is more than a trajectory for example I ride a bike and the wind is in my ears and the air I cut through stimulates  multiple perceptions engaging all my senses. A scent like Iowa cow patties is in the air. I take to gliding when the road is smooth like watercress swashing in a stream. Cross traffic is relentless and safety is a major concern like roiling rapids.  There is nothing linear about a bike  ride after all.

Spiraling is a better way to observe each ride when, as like an arc the ride can be sensed on many planes. If for a moment and then for a few minutes we take the measure of each breath.  To fill our lungs with sweet air and to truly know the feeling of the spiraling energy. We are the creators in a cauldron of detractors.

From the top of my saddle I looked out at the interstate loop today and watched as I passed the stalled traffic. There the people sat in a stagnet heap. Whose got it better? The bike rider or the car driver? Make up your mind what you want to ride and then give me my space on the road and stay out of my way.


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