Occupy Yourself on a Bike Ride

Lets face it the anger that is flaring up in our country has been directed at someone other than ourselves. Placing the blame on someone else is popular but how effective is it? If we are angry at the system and go along with the system we have gained nothing until we take pieces of the system and make them work to our advantage. In the months since Occupy Wall Street has blossomed there is a chatter among people worldwide about the meaning of power and wealth. At a most basic level these occupiers are taking the system to task. People are camping in public in New York City for christsake. They are legitimizing voices that have not been heard. They are giving the media and pundits a story and gaming social networking. This is working the system and no one knows where it will go.

On one level the protestors are running out of time with winter blowing in. But, the protest could easily shift to warmer climates for some of these nomads. And what can we do if we have sympathetic anger and want to game the system ourselves but aren’t nomadic, have families and jobs?

There are just three words. Abstract as it may be they have meaning beyond the headlines. Occupy yourself on a bike ride to game the system. Tear down the Wall that the system has built up around your life with a bike ride. See the Street as the place where people on bike rides take over from the system of cars and trucks. You don’t think now that one person makes a difference. Watch.


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