How’d you deal with the rain?

Colorado was dumped on with 2 feet of snow when our TV weatherman switched graphics to our local scene. He was really sorry that the rain that showed up on radar had not actually fallen to the ground. He had pictures to prove it. Wow. My point exactly. Can’t depend on what the weather is without paying personal attention to it. My darkened street this morning was slick with rain. There were sprinkles of stars and patches of clouds. My tires need air on the Raleigh which has been sitting in the garage for 3 weeks. It’s just days like this when fenders will keep the spray off my rain gear. I haven’t had to gear up in months, like maybe 4 months. That is a long stretch. I missed the rainy month of June around here when I was in southern Italy. People will ask me how’d you deal with the rain? Man, I’ve seen worse I tell them. Once I rode an entire day from northern Indiana to Indianapolis in the rain. Had a flat tire to boot. You know how I deal with it though? People have memories. Just another rainy day not. This is a memory. Silently, thinking. What memory do you have of the rainy day in your car?

Updated: I rode Masi into work on wet streets as the rain never materialized. No biggy. Changed into work clothes later.

Don’t bike ride. It is dangerous for the economy. Bike riding exposes you to the outdoors which is known to be hazardous.


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