Wind at Your Back

Rome Italy, 2011 photo by author

October winds have dominated the entire month with this last week finally seeing some abatement. Westerly winds made bike rides  fun to be alive on a bike. Finally, this week the wind is down to a manageable degree. When the wind blows it is coming from only one direction now instead of seemingly all four. There you have it for all of you non bike riders, the wind is at your back, so no excuses. Remember how it feels sailing along or do you? So much time has passed between those days when your first shiny bike held promise even when you now admit you only wanted it because it had a cool color. Maybe now your color is green as in green with envy as you see me gliding by while you sit in your mortgaged car.

The mornings are now full on dark when I leave home for work. That’s quite alright with me for the commute going across Edina to Eden Prairie. It’s become a diagonal course taking some lightly traveled road mixing in with car commuters. I actually have taken to creating a most positive commute. Funny thing how Edina could be so blind to its potential as a bike centric community. If only women and children used the roads like I do. Not even the men are bike riders. Sorry state of affairs when the beauty of this place is missed by most people. I want to encourage the bike riders of Minneapolis to infiltrate the roads of Edina if you are working in the areas of highwways 169 and 494, the city of Eden Prairie, or the office parks near Valley View, Blake Road and Southdale. Your ride will be worth it. Come explore on two wheels with the wind at your back. Maybe you will see the deer and eagle I saw  this week.

 More fun when the snow starts to fly and every bike ride takes real thought when living up north.

Rollo in Air


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