On Two Wheels

The years have turned into decades of bike riding through many places in America that include cities, towns and rural areas. On two wheels is how I have been wired. What makes it so I don’t really know. But, I can guess. All these years of “field” testing should have given me some insight that is original and authentic. Somehow valuable to me I’m reluctant to say it would just be boring conversation to most people. No one wants to hear that bike riding is natural or a connection to the spirit of the place you ride through. Not when you are wired for car driving.

One thing about bike riding is the constant reminder that the weather is something you become a part of and not escaping from. Turn off the weatherman who brings on isolation and fear. Stop subscribing to it like a cult. On two wheels unburden us from the fear that the weather is bad or good. Dress for it like your mother would dress you!

We were young and foolish once. What’s your excuse now that you are old?

If the weather is a burden and your car is a sanctuary read on this is for you. The single occupant driver has reached the pinnacle of selfishness. You are perpetrating a scam worthy of Bernie Madoff. For your benefit there are thousands of “energy” slaves, Buckminster Fuller, when will you get out of the car?


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