Decision to Bike Ride

Build up an immunity to something and forget. That is just what the auto industry has done to people. Watching the World Series last night we were bombarded with the usual truck and car commercials. Thank you sponsors! What sport program isn’t sponsored by the auto industry? The relentless message has made the residents of the Western World immune to other transportation opportunities. Lest we forget that the bicycle rider and single occupant car driver are making choices whenever they travel. There is a difference though between the two. Bike riding is a conscious choice and driving a car is a auto response ingrained in our psyche. You could say that people are “wired” to drive a car. This is bad form in a world of competing interest. The car driver is the weakest link in the all encompassing history of automobile mobility. Take a human and ask them to be responsible behind the wheel and there you have todays world of Wars for oil, MAD, energy crisis, food for fuel, tragic teen death, obesity, cities rotting at the core, sprawl, a do nothing population trapped by its addiction.

Minneapolis MN February 2011  Kowalski’s Market Uptown on Bike Rack

For anyone to stop the madness in their own part of the world there is the option of bike riding. Does it fit into your life or are you set in your ways. The decision to bike ride is easy enough, actually doing it is another thing. When a bike rider is wired to move through the places they reside in then there is a chance those sprawling and ruined places will come alive again. So we can only blame ourselves and no one else if the only thing we do is continue to drive down the path of least resistance. Bike ride now not because it is the right thing to do or the best thing to do, but because the alternative has run its course. Car driving is leaving a destructive wake all over the globe. Get out of the driver’s seat and put a bike between your legs. No regrets!


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