Explore Edina

The week started with WordPress not able to publish a couple of post written on Monday and Tuesday. So the frustration this morning of lost work is fading while the fresh memory of exploring Edina is ripe. Impressions are made quickly in a situation like bike commuting. The sense is that our fragile human bodies are in tune with the environment in spite of the motor age.

A bike ride in the city is a whole different set of situations from the suburban bike ride. Exploring Edina is like visiting my past in Indiana with rolling terrain, affluent families on the move and hardly a soul walking or bike riding. Edina paints a whole different picture of bike riding. Here is a suburb that is approximately 1/4 mile from my house but a world away in terms of a street scene. There is none. Period. People are car loving mc lovin it in Edina. What’s it like to bike ride is actually really good. In three round trips to work I have nailed a route that has the least hills and automobile traffic. The route goes through a preserve that I stumbled upon and over a pedestrian bridge crossing a major highway and through a neighborhood park short cut. It took some wrong turns and dead ends while exploring the routes but well worth it.

Edina MN. is more than a bunch of neighborhoods and a mall. This is the modern suburb that was designed around wet lands and hills. It seems that the residents are ignorant of the native past. Otherwise there would be 50,000 people bike riding in the hills. For now it will be the solitary bike rider and me who are honoring the spirit. Get on your bike and ride wherever you live to honor your native brothers.


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