One Mainstream

 St Paul MN ….2011 City Government Tower Transportation Lady

Let’s settle the transportation score by instigating bike riding in the street.

There is a voice or message we hear inside us when we are consciously making a choice. Who hasn’t heard the voice “I want”? Speaking to ourselves we are convinced of a need for something we want, presumably healthy until, that what we want becomes really destructive. Is our transportation choice based on a need?  Something we want when driving a car is our choice often morphs into, how much do we observe before our driving becomes really destructive? By destructive I mean aggressive driving, execessive speeding, inattentive behavior, rage at other drivers, pedestrians and bike riders. Honestly, our behavior is influenced by our time behind the wheel that it makes destructive behavior appear as the norm. Its been said, “we are what we drive”. So, as bike riders I suggest we are in a different category that describes us as  “bike riders are who we are not what we do.”

The daily act of bike riding settles something in all of us. What is settling for one bike rider could be an immeasurable sense of community value. For another bike rider a settling could be a sense of accomplishment. And other bike riders find settling in the sense of speed or risk. In the end maybe all these voices appear at one time or another. As bike riders to know unsettling, destructive, unhealthy mainstream voices takes courage to choose between I want and I need.

The ongoing debate of cars vs bike riding has another entrant from General Motors whom recently pulled an advertisement that portrayed bike riding as a drudge and car ownership as the mainstream ideal. This was discussed on many blogs and newspapers in the last couple days. It looks like bike riders were given GM’s scalp on this one that back fired. This says how different we are as a nation now with people so attuned to focused messaging through our special interest blogs. Could the bike blog be a rising star for all things out of the mainstream only to turn bike riding into the mainstream? Only time will tell if we are more clever than the MadMen in power. Get on your bike and stay out of your car. Bike riding is not why we ride but how we roll.



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