Occupy Wall Street


The young people who are part of Occupy Wall Street call themselves the other “99” percent. Referring to the “1” percent elite that has control over 40% of the wealth in America. In my blog I have also used these percentages that represent the 1 percent that bike commutes. Actually it is less than 1 percent and I’m rounding out. That puts over 99 percent who don’t bike ride and to be fair about 87 percent drive cars. I can imagine that quite  a few of the Occupy Wall Street protestors don’t own a car. They are young, maybe unemployed or students.

Florence Italy 2011…..Bicycle on age-old street. Occupy Wall Street uses bike as symbol of solidarity

This leaderless bunch is pretty much doing things bassackwards if you ask me. If they had looked at recent history or knew some military tactics they would have begun their protest in the Spring. Protesting is kind of seasonal just like bike riding. Of course anything is possible right? Will the protest move from North America as  winter sets in to South America where summer begins? Or can the protesters get their act together, remember solidarity? Solidarity needs a symbol and what better symbol than a bike. This may be the best opportunity when you are young, revolutionary and in need of a visionary tool. It worked for Mao in China, whatabout OWS in the US?


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