Bike Riding is Subversive

Think about it for a minute. In these days what activity that doesn’t involve drugs can you think of besides bike riding that is more subversive than standing with a placard in your hand screaming “down with capitalism?” Running and walking don’t hit the mark. Spectator sports, hah, quilting,blah,hunting and fishing,what? Registered Democrat,yeah not even close. Bike riding is subversive because the behavior stimulates all of a humans senses at once and that is something modern society is in a constant battle with the individual to isolate one sense for capital gain. Bike riding is subversive to the consumption of the stuff that we take out of the ground and off the earth and from the sea. Bike riding is subversive but not covert activity and that is getting bike riders killed. Bike riding is subversive and 99 percent of Americans fear it. The tragedy is that the bicycle industry is subversive to bike riding as transportation.  One blogger Ray Keener, a bicycle industry insider, has said, that bike riders “need to work around the car culture  we live in as a way to change it.” This is exactly what the car culture wants us to fall for so that things just stay the status quo.

It is reported by census figures that there are about 750K bike commuters in the United States. As many of us know these commuters are situated in a handful of cities where there is a predominate “hipster” population. Minneapolis is one of these bike riding cities, but  Minneapolis was a bike city long before there were hipsters or a bike culture. Some of our lake and river trails are 100 years old and neighborhoods are thriving from the time when trolleys ran for 450 miles as interurban lines.

Each time a bike is in the street with cars massing around them that bike rider is subverting space from those cars. Critical Mass has done more for bike awareness just from word of mouth and the brave actions of some foolish and naive people. Hooray for them! Everyday 750,000 people are bike riding to work and school in America, which is basically telling the rest of those suckers in cars and trucks to FU off!

Life is good for neighborhood residents if they are paying attention when more bike riders are active in four season bike riding. This will piss off the car culture even more. I have yet to see one endorsement from the bike industry to ride all year around. What are they afraid of? Is there some kind of liability that prevents them from it? Everything else seems to get advertised. Been down to the gas station recently or watch Nascar? Cigarettes are still a big seller! The bike industry is as good as former Congressman Joe Wiener, they know how to put on a good front until they are caught with their pants down and that day is coming soon for this bunch according to Rivendell owners.

Four Season bike riding is here to stay. Experiencing a Minneapolis winter  on roadways on a bike that have been nearly impassable in recent years often creates traffic situations where cars crawl in the city giving the advantage to bike riders who know how to navigate snowy streets and sidewalks or wherever they may need to ride. The playing field is leveled to some extent when snow plowing crews are behind. It’s bikes, busses and SUV’s mostly for days in the winter.

The one percenter is known in marketing circles as the innovator. So it goes with bike riders as a very small percentage that have made a transportation choice and with it the scorn of the car culture.


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  1. Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

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