Women Bike Riders

As if anyone who has been bike riding this year will attest, we all have seen the numbers increase for women bike riders, meanwhile, that guy who has been the traditional lone wolf speeding merrily along in an oblivious state of mind couldn’t miss these lovely folks that are brightening up the local scene. Or could they? And what about the women who are bike riders and new to the street? It’s like everyone is out for themselves on American roads and it makes no difference what gender you are when we have to mix it up with traffic. This is what seems to be the nature of the bike vs car debate. Bike riders are not created equal and there are many layers to describe each kind. Some bike riders are the “vulnerable” type where every little thing is feared be it a rock in the road or a Mini Cooper idling at a traffic light. Then there are the “invincible”  who are listening to ear buds while playing in traffic.

Someone said to me the other day that European bike riders have so many better bike choices. He was referring to “Dutch style” bikes. I countered this with Americans have too many choices and that the “Dutch style” is really a standard that most bike riders use for transportation and that is a singular choice. If Americans are going to choose to use bikes for transportation then some commonality for bike design should be available for new bike riders. The bike industry can’t seem to get together a decent lightweight bike with fenders and a chain guard for starters. No gimmicks or trade offs.

As more women are bike riding there is a need for an upright city style bike. If you are female then take a look at the DIY page on this blog. This is style of handlebar will give you an upper body advantage and lower body advantage that is far superior to drop bars and MTB bars.  In the past week I have had the opportunity to ride with a couple of women that take seriously their place on the road and got this to be in this place from acquiring a proficiency. If you are new to bike riding and want to be proficient saddle time is what it will take. Get on your bike and ride and leave your car at home.


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