Rumble in the Divide

There is something in the air if you know what I mean. Can’t you just feel it, the charge? No, maybe you don’t. Are you too worn down about $hit that makes each and everyone of us poor suckas numb? Well, the repo man is coming for your 70 inch big screen and the Republicans had their Rumble last night on Fox News. Summer is over and what a fitting way to begin Fall with the American public relegated to asking questions of the candidates. Two questions seemed to sum up the night for me when this black man asked quite innocently “who would you pick as a running mate of the other debaters tonight?” The candidates answered back first with Gingrich that he would not participate, others said it was like a game show. What is the vetting process of Fox News? They have led the public astray when they think we honestly believe there was voting across America and the so-called Google cloud becomes the media score card for the night. If you don’t trust the government like the bunch last night then why trust Google? Our online activity is making us all stooges for what is to come from Government thanks to Google. The new government, if it is Republican will be as bumbling as Captain Tony Nelson and Google will oblige innocent enough but as cunning as Genie. With the two of them on the job Fox News can keep the illusion going through the entire election cycle.

The second question was from a grizzled white guy slowing asking “why do we give other countries money when they hate us?” The consensus from the candidates was that we would stop giving money.  What we feel in our gut now is something we have felt since 9/11, why are we at WAR and when will the bags of money cease? We  are very uninformed about the nature of international relations and the bottom line is nations want pay offs to be our friend, No candidate of these debates can deny they will just be the new glad hander if elected. Furthermore, the viewers like myself are meant to be lulled into thinking what an honor to be selected to ask a question and how democratic it is to use social media to express yourself. When future debates take place it would behoove the candidates to select a different network that can be reached by anyone in America. Not just people who are paying for cable or streaming on-line. This presumes that everyone’s grandparents have these connections. What about radio? NPR can you step up? The debates are another example of the great divide in America. Herb Caine says he has solutions. All the candidates have solutions. What about the voter? Wise up and get on your bike and ride, show your conservative side and do something but complain about what the good ole days looked like with Reagan. The 1980’s were forgetible if I remember right.


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