Signs Are All Around

As time goes by this month one topic I draw out of my hat is the signage that we have pointing us in one direction or another. The one sign that caught my eye yesterday was on the Greenway. Technically, this sign is on the Hiawatha path leading up/down from the Sabo bridge and up/down from 26th street and up/down from the Greenway and up/down from the street grade crossing at 28th street. That is a mouthful ain’t it?

I suspect I have been wizzing by at speed and not paid much attention to it going down. On my way up I have also been concentrating to maintain a good cadence and totally missed the message. Well, yesterday I broke out my camera for about 5 minutes and shot off a bunch of pictures of bike riders in Minneapolis who also are wizzing by and paying “no never mind.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here we are America. Minneapolis bike riding experienced in one little spot tells only part of the story of how this city has made the move over decades to become a great place to bike ride. This confluence of trails and bridge for cross town and downtown bike traffic might have taken millions of dollars to build but it also has paved the way for the city residents to live in a more sane place where we can leave our cars at home. Today, have to cut post time down due to morning ride, “in the rain” to St. Paul. Will have more later on.

Get out and bike ride for your own good sucka! Do some Daily Organic Motion and put a bike between your legs.




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