REV 2 with Shimano Expander System

The development and marketing of the REV 2 Handlebar modification has an option that is less do it yourself. For the small retail price of two Shimano expander plugs and hardware that is described on my DIY page, the REV 2 mod is simpler to install and maintain. And of course if you want me to put a pair together for you that would be $35.00 includes ground shipping in lower 48. See for yourself the secure Shimano expander system below.

When  you click on the image below it will be easier for retro grouches to read!

What you get with the REV 2 modification is up to your imagination. Personalizing a bike is pretty standard and with the REV 2 you get better performance and comfort. See for yourself how every little bit helps. REV 2 is the little bit you have been waiting for to take you to the next level of bike riding proficiency.


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