Edina Spirit

Yesterday started a new commute for me as I meander through hills and twists towards Eden Prairie. Many the route is through Edina neighborhoods were wetlands and old spirits once roamed. This area of the United States has a sad feeling for me. There is no denying that the land was rich with life before the white man settled here leaving a curse on the land. Now our modern suburb has hemmed in the residents by highways and a crazy maze of lanes. If only the residents would remove themselves from their cars. Then the place would honor the spirits long gone before them.

What I found out about Edina, my on the street observation, is that it is really a pleasant ride. Sense I have not had any business up until now in Edina I really imagined it otherwise. So that is my take and also my excuse for not bike riding in Edina. What kind of excuse do the residents have? The point I am trying to make is that the people of Edina have a jewel of a place to live. Development took it from the native Americans and it is sinful that the residents don’t live closer to the spirit of the land. So as always, my post are about bike riding in the place that we reside and work. When Edina residents wake up to bike riding only then will the curse of the lost spirits be lifted.


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