Daily Organic Motion 4

As the week progresses without new postings from the Bike Snob NY it is becoming apparent the true lack of sarcasm in the cycling bloggosphere. It comes close to rock bottom at the dawn of another day without his rants on the absurdity of all things bicycling. An amateur like myself has little hope to fill his shoes or to hang my humor mantle since, as a child I was told being sarcastic was annoying. Bike Snob please annoy us again in Spades. The American bike culture as Snob has depicted it is a multi layered egocentric freak street show, the city as their stage.

This is what happens to ex- bike racers who can’t find work as copywriters in NY City. Once the real jobs dry up the only thing left to do is poke fun at pretentious bike riders. So while you have been hibernating, or maybe bearing a Lobster child in a back alley clinic, the debate between wearing helmets and high heals has raged on.

The appeal by women for greater infrastructure in our dangerous cities is the new voice heard above the fading din of sarcasm. Elly Blue is the new Queen Mother and Portlandia the hub of bicycle haiku inspiring bearded men and smarmy girls smelling of leather and lace. Can we manage the diverging relationships and couplings our hipster youth will soon find meaningless without a week of Snob? Cold Turkey is what we are being served after the feast Snob has been serving up for five straight years.

The American bike culture is hooked on Bike Snob like a meth addict in a small town in Iowa waiting for his next score. For those of us growing up decades before the Internet the feeling is kind of an eye opener in that there comes along in a generation few humorists that can get it right. Ok, Snob is no Mark Twain or The baseball guy, but you get my drift, bike riders are no less than part of “the damn human race”.

What has a bike rider done for you lately? If you are the owner of a bike shop most owners know they have to just about give everything away to keep your business. As the season winds down in bike shops across the country you have bike shop owners converging on Las Vegas this week, the week Snob has conveniently slipped town, where they are sold useless stuff so they can go further into debt, but are convinced that the seasonal up tick at Christmas will bring them back into the red for the new year.

Without a trend to pin their hopes on the bike culture community is in peril of loosing their $hit so BSNY get back to work before these no nothings go and screw up a good thing. I mean who actually thinks Republicans will put another mile of bike trail in this country when they get elected, do you Ely Blue? How about those mothers at Momentum and their do goofing blather on and on about pansy pants or greasy chains so you better get a Gates Belt Drive now. Oh, did BSNY get some heat from Gates on his very last rant that bit the hand that fed him? No matter the bike industry types are plugging Costco bikes as commuters. Never in our wildest dreams did bike riders of my generation think that one day when we looked around that our generation would be basically fat and the younger generation would be so sloppily lazy and out of shape. Blame it on the bike culture that we did not have before there was a bike culture. This entire bike riding stuff is nothing more than selling  $hit to guys mainly and it’s a shame that BSNY is the rare one to call it like he sees it.


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