Daily Organic Motion 3

The week is not yet over after our Labor Day holiday. Packed into the past three days was Wednesday nights Republican Presidential debate and Obama’s speech on his Jobs Package to get people back to work. Busy headlines and we still have Friday ahead of us and that is where I’d like to begin.

We are a nation of individuals that move collectively even if we think we don’t. Theres the collective conservatives, collective evangelicals, collective car drivers, collective elite, collective liberals, collective criminals, collective unemployed etc. …….What this means is that any group with similar interest is going to make an impact one way or the other. So here we have Labor Day week with the attention on the collective unemployed timed just so right in how it segues with the collective fear into the 9/11 tributes yet to come. But, this can’t be anything other than smoke and mirrors because the rhetoric is no better than when a President is up against the ropes and something big has to be announced for the collective little guy to have hope again after a decade of culpable crimes by our collective elite masters.

Formula politics has become stale in this state of collective disunion that has befallen Americans. God and country is the rallying cry that we will collectively carry into the 10th anniversary Sunday of 9/11.  Haven’t we paid for the crimes of a collective of 19 hijackers yet, in that two wars, holy wars, are far from over and may never be finished? So what about the individual response to politics as usual? Collectively we: Turn off the TV. Get drunk. Watch sports shows and go fishing, that pretty well sums up the weekend activities for most of us that don’t want to re-hash tragedy and that is surely tainted by Dick Cheney lies and the collective dishonesty of  government contractors.

Then again there are a whole bunch of people who made gobs of money off these lies and it’s the little guy who still believes the lie that bugs the $hit out of reasoning and logic. So what does any of this have to do with Daily Organic Motion? Here is how this ties in. The one thing we all collectively do is take a dump, poop, crap, etc..that is daily and organic and a motion…And when you don’t think your stuff doesn’t stink then you are wrong. For all the hawks like Dick Cheney, who continue to believe that what their brothers are doing in uniform is right after all these years, its’ too bad to pin their blood on your freedom and mine, when collectively our overindulged, Segway anybody? Who don’t make anything in this country, country, has become a pity party for most Americans. Yeah, a lot has changed in America in the past decade. We are truly digital now to the point where millions of analog jobs are obsolete and will never return. Another thing that has changed is that immunity from economic problems across middle and upper class is over and that might be key to an American recovery. When everyone suffers collectively then work can begin in our cities and suburbs. But, this is only the start where the engine of change is taking us lower and lower because Americans don’t have the desire or will to preserve and conserve. American nationalism has rooted its self deeply in the culture of our time. Historically, nationalism is higher during a recession to the detriment of recovery. Looking inward this time does not mean buy American to stimulate, it just means buy something and that does nothing when all those somethings are imported or subsidized like gasoline and food.

If it was up to Thomas Friedman the famous son of St Louis Park Minnesota this post would end with a solution. Tom is always giving us brilliant solutions from his world-wide network. Well, I am no Tom. And I have only one solution that I have been posting since I began this blog. Get on your bike and ride and leave your car at home. Collectively there is much that conservatives, evangelicals, democrats and republicans can do when they ride a bike. This solution is immune to economic turn downs and lies that we have to live with, regardless of who you are, a bike ride is honest work.


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