Daily Organic Motion 1

In the next couple weeks I want to have post that are relevant to subjects that I have covered in the past 8 months. One subject that is always on my mind and reoccurring  at sometime during the day is Daily Organic Motion. This is in fact the name of my  LLC that I set up if and when I start to make money off of the patent pending REV 2 handlebar. The genesis of the name of the LLC comes from the initials of my first name. DOM. Silly thing, but it came to me as I was brainstorming something catchy. Over time I have posted some thoughts on the simplicity of motion, and how bike riding is organic and how bike riding all year-long when feasible, not only when we want to, but because we need to move ourselves every single day. I know from conversations I’ve had in the past year, when I bring up motion and movement, most agree that they feel so much better physically than when they are sedentary. DUH! This is not a sales job folks. If there is one thing I want to stress, do this for yourself. Daily Organic Motion is as I have posted in the past just you and your feet, moving out the door to the great outdoors in all sorts of weather, walking or bike riding in the places we live and work.
On another note: Bike Snob New York is taking a hiatus from his blog. Here is my theory on why he is gone since he has not told anyone what he is doing. Well he has not taken much time off in the 5 years he has been writing. That is a real treat and possibly his reason for taking time now. Now this is only speculation, but he could be taking time off because he really tore into a bike review lately on a Gates Belt Drive Product that he was testing. This could have put him in a compromising position that A) he has to deal with his lawyers on, B) he has to deal with his accountants on. either way I suspect that being Bike Snob NY it is OK to rant on bike riding and bike riders, but NEVER OK to rant on the BIKE SUPPLIER THAT YOU ARE REVEIWING>


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