Revolutionary Road

The building of the Interstate System in America is a perpetual rebuilding and tearing down. When I was growing up I witnessed the construction of Interstate 65 and 465 in Indianapolis.  City neighborhoods that dated from the late 19th century to the early 20th century were cleaved in half. There was little that residents could do. Big things were happening and out of our hands. So it goes that every major city in America was part of the Revolutionary Road that is the flow of progress. How far we have come as a nation of builders though should be considered not by one measure, but the consequences of these Interstates that shape all aspects of our economy, the energy use of a nation, our worldview on the environment and how we are educating the future residents of America to use broader based transportation options.

In a reversal of sorts the Chinese who claimed a billion bicyclist decades ago has declining numbers. This is their time to modernize, their Revolutionary Road is much like America’s. The Chinese demand for fossil fuels competes with the ours. What is the give and take going to be for Americans unless some form of education and austerity is introduced to residents. To call us citizens is to complement those among us that are going along to just get along. That attitude is bust.

The bike riders and these tribes or sub cultures or whatever they call themselves that cling to fashion over function are nothing but posers when a rainy day comes and they are taking a bus, driving the car. The Revolutionary Road is nothing if you are not on it. Get on your bike and ride and leave your car at home. Your place on the planet deserves nothing less.


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