Finding Your Way

This being the first day of September in the Northland is a good day to look back on the summer months that I have been bike riding to work and around the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. My job has taken me to four commuting destinations that range in length from 14 miles to about 5 miles one way. My start times in the morning have been anywhere from 7:15am to 8:30am. The weather this summer has either been hot and humid in July or fair and mild in August. It really has been quite a predictable weather forecast from day-to-day. Not much rain. I did get caught a couple of times on my way home but never on my commute in. This is the luck that comes with taking everyday one at a time and making the choice to daily motion.

My commitment to riding everyday that I am able to is out of an inner drive that is a desire to see things around me at a human pace. I suspect that I may miss something going on when I’m cooped up in a car. Life is way too short, cliché, to motor around the SYSTEM. Bike riding is finding my way in the SYSTEM and it can’t be too difficult or else I would not be doing it. The cities that I have ridden in this summer have a route to everywhere I want to go. Most of the time I choose the path or avenue that fits my mood. When there are alternative routes that vary with my destinations I feel familiar with the streets and neighborhoods because I have traveled the same spaces for 20 years.

This being a morning post and dash before I’m off again to Downtown Minneapolis I have to wrap this up. Welcome to September and Finding Your Way.


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