Earth People

This is my 190th post and it occurred to me that I should say thanks to everyone who are reading. I am encouraged by the stats from around the world, people who are curious to know more about my part of the world and my cycling experience. The growth of a blog and the life of a blog is precarious. As long as we post and stay relevant or the attention span of our readers. I don’t know what the formula is that makes a successful blog, but the premise that I have loosely based my post on is that I want to present a message that bike riding is a connection to the earth.

So, there are many post that speak of Kodo, “soul in motion” There are the post that are about the places that we live in as being the spaces that we bike in, which make us as bike riders the color of these places. And as of late I have made post that speak of us as resident bike riders whose actions, just simply bike riding, as being of great importance to the community where we dwell.

As resident bike riders, making our way on the earth all of us are coming together treading lightly, disturbing little and adding much more than we take away. If this sounds new age or hippie or anti something then give another look around because there is no agenda. I’m not selling or endorsing a product, have no ties with commercial sponsors and if I did, these sponsors would have to take my post for what they are. As an American bike rider, I have an eye on the excess of our culture, the history of our entitlement and the fractured bicycle messages that are coming out of this country. How I’m doing is up to you the reader. Let me know.

Thanks for reading!


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