A Letter from Edina to bike riders

To whom it may concern,

It should be brought to your attention that many roadways in the Edina community  lead to desirable locations to and from business nodes and border thousands of residential properties. One of the busiest areas is the Southdale shopping district that links Minneapolis and Richfield residents to Edina. The two north south roads are Xerxes and France which border the Mall on the east and the west.  I am writing to bike riders to Southdale and the inherent lack of regard bike riders have for their own health and preservation, even though this area and other retail areas to the south are desirable destinations, there are multiple draw backs for bike riding.

First of all the 40 mph speed limit insures a fear factor that keeps bike riders from these two Avenues. Then there are the multiple turn lanes that creates a division of sorts so bike riders are caught in a turn zone when their intent is to proceed through an intersection. Thirdly, there are a full three lanes of through traffic which compromise even the most foolhardy bike rider.

For the Southdale area of  Edina to maintain a bike free environment the county has re-stripped France ave south to 54th street to allow parking on either side that confuses bike riders who thought the stripped lane was for bicycling. It is this sort of traffic engineering that is widely adapted nationwide. Edina was the first mall to develop this planning 60 years ago and it does a good job of routing traffic and routing brazen bull-headed bike riders if there ever was one.

To recap, bike riders thinking of visiting Southdale for some shopping, we are looking out for you and hope that you can leave your bike at home and drive a car to enjoy our stores.  It’s not safe to bring a 19th century toy to play on our 21st century roads.

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