I made what I thought would be a quick photo insert into one of my recent post that has turned into a lesson in blogging that elicit more hits altho not the type that I intended. The questionable photo that I placed was a Applebees menu. Somehow the picture I captured on Google images now is linked to my post. As I don’t want further traffic coming in from this link I will see about taking the picture out of the post this week. On the other hand, for all I know, after I make this post it will continue to draw further Applebee searches. You may ask what is the problem? I don’t really want to waste people’s time if they are looking for a corporate menu and they are drawn to my blog that eschews  high calorie diets. On the other hand I would like to hear from one Applebees customer that got on their bike and rode after reading my blog. Are you out there? Are you really listening? Being a bike rider sometimes is like being on the dark side of the moon.

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