There are some internal conversations that get nowhere when the translation is primarily  male breeding and narcissistic behavior. And when the internal conversation confronts the protagonist or object of your machismo you puff up with idiotic bravado.

Take for instance a clean-cut suburban 40ish white American male out for a Saturday afternoon drive over to Best Buy in Edina Minnesota. It could not be a more beautiful day going north through the Southdale shopping district. The generous dimensions of the street design is more than adequate for a man in a hurry. And when you are a macho man, then, when a miserable bike rider appears in your lane, there’s not going to be anything to slow you down. Your brain is screaming at you to take the space that is the inalienable right of all car drivers. This is a philosophy they do not teach you in driver’s education, but is homegrown.  The bike rider sees you coming and keeps his position, but what the hell? Can he be taking the space because he thinks he owns it? The finger! In defiance of tax-payers and apple pie, a bike rider, so low now in your eyes, needs to pay for his offensive universal hand gesture.

The bike rider has put himself in a position that for all intent has become a “defenseless driver” You Mr. Macho Man are the man of steel in an AC/DC womb.   Air-conditioned digital catacomb. 

How do situations like this occur? Well, to begin with, the bike rider didn’t have to flip off the Macho Man. But, I did and yeah I’d do it again. Study the street scene. Count the 5 lanes. I was to the far right lane which is only for right turns. The speed limit is 40 mph. And there is a sidewalk. My position was in the right turn lane well before this intersection. Two buses were ahead but in the through lane. I can imagine that Mr. Macho Man thought he could squeeze between me and the buses. That’s when he came too close and I flipped him off and that’s when he slammed on his brakes, stopped his car at an angle to block me from going around him, rolled down the window and said “come on MotherFucker see what you are made of.” I had some choice words for him as well about how he can shut TFU. This did not seem to cool me down. So here I am blogging about it. Trying to make sense.

As I use my bike more for everyday stuff further from the core city I find not so friendly attitudes from drivers that are so set on taking every freaking inch of concrete. Life is way too short for this bad behavior. Can suburban people get over their sense of entitlement and start to see how places like the above intersection of life promulgates a belief system that is as bad as Jim Crow. Bike riders are not going to the back of the bus. Bike riders are not drinking out of fountains for “whites only”Bike riders won’t be segregated from your suburbs. Bike riders are the new “interurban” transportation. Bike riding crosses all economic classes and is gender neutral. Bike riding is the Red Menace to the Macho Man in a Hurry.

The suburban sprawl that is All-American sure has caused plenty of problems over time. With most new construction stopped because of our suck economy there is hope that in filling will be the future trend.

We can’t go back to Edina and Southdale in 1956 and fill in the unused land with bike friendly roads. Strikingly similar to our new suburbs today sprawling all over America. What do you think about riding a bike in the suburb where you live? Like to hear opinion.


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