The Problem With Car Drivers

You probably got to this page by clicking on a popular image, please read the post but first, I am asking you to check out the REV2 page and my blog for further reading. post edited January 5th 2012 by the author.

There can’t be a discussion about bike riding safety without a whole lot of finger-pointing at car drivers. Most adult bike riders in America are also car owners so this rant about cars is also for bike riders that are brain washed to believe infrastructure is the way towards safe roads, dream on. Staying on point automobiles speed in cities must be reduced to 20mph.  The car driver is a menace to safe bike riding at todays speed limits.

Driver misbehaviors and reckless infractions that cause the death of bicyclist and pedestrians can be reduced only by slower automobile speeds.  When a driver gets it in their head to manuever recklessly by a bike rider the risk to the bike rider increases at higher speeds. Passing too close, taking a turn too fast, entering an intersection without stopping pose a lethal threat to the bike rider. Inattention by the car driver also heightens bodily risk for the bike rider. Talking on cell phones, eating and texting all decrease driver awareness.  It would be nearly impossible to regulate driver misbehavior and the only alternative is to enforce slower speed  limits of automobiles in urban areas.

Maximum speed limits in congested areas need to be no more than 20 mph where they are now 30 mph. Here is a thought. As I went through downtown Minneapolis at 5 pm on a recent day I realized that nowhere have I observed a speed limit sign in the district. That in effect gives car drivers the go ahead to speed from signal to signal. How blatant is this oversight in our city? Posted speed limits are rare if only on usual routes. Residential speed limits at 30 mph are the state law. It is time to put the brakes on car drivers by reducing speed limits to 20 mph and posting them in along residential streets and dense urban areas.

We live in a country of rules and loads of people break them every day. It would seem like a victory if some people who would violate 20 mph did so by going just 5 mph above the limit. Our cities were not built to take all this traffic. When American cities were developed households had one car or used public transit and shopped locally. Car drivers can be assured that their rights will be less and fees will only  increase. Car drivers that injure others will have less sympathy in court as well. Bike riding in urban areas is the future along with better public transit. Bike riding improves the places that show an increase in usage. When Americans start to put their residences first by leaving their car behind that is when they will reap the rewards of slowing down to 20 mph.



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2 responses to “The Problem With Car Drivers

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  2. Hey, just to reply to Icarus1859, thanks for leading me to your forum in the UK. I was surprised to see the thread is 200 pages long. As a resident that has been bike riding in many city’s for the past 40 years I can tell you that the number one menace to bike riders are car drivers in a hurry. On street bike riding can be residential avenues in many cities and towns in America. So for the most part Americans have safe streets but, this is not what bike advocates or the media want to portray.

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