None Such

“There is no such thing as bad weather only bad gear” anonymous

It’s State Fair time in my part of the country.  My nostalgia for carneys and coneys just isn’t what it used to be. Food on a stick is popular again, eaten mostly by a flaccid throng of folks, whose sore feet and a sunburn give this all American past-time a red-neck flair.  This is one crowd I avoid if I can help it. So, what is the draw? Is it the novelty of eating dripping, fried globs and sticky wet goo? Or eating,  non-stop, a summer high water – mark? The inglorious state fair junk food day, which for two weeks services a mix of ingesters, digesters, excretory vomiters on a massive food binge is our  back to school bacchanal.

How queer the ritual of state fair gorging. It’s like a bad weather system that follows mainstream American life through a thundering guilt for much of this un-checked gobbling. If bad weather and guilty eating are one in the same then bad gear  and bad  eating travel parallel paths.  Can we come to a simple understanding then, that there is no such thing as bad food only bad eating. 

Guido’s know the situation that to look good you have to give the appearance of working at it. If for instance you are bike riding on a cool Sunday morning to meet friends for breakfast then what outfit makes sense? Do you show up in Lycra when everyone is dressed in real clothes? Choosing your food is as important as choosing your gear so no meal or weather is foul.

The few days that I spent in Florence Italy in June wandering the streets, taking snap shots like the above picture,  has only re- enforced my belief that bike riding is what keeps me from tumbling into the epic pot hole of American culture. Bike riding is a co- existence with the weather just like food is a co-existence with the energy I need. But, to step away from  the none such mega feast is nothing less than  taking part in a wholesale guilt free world. This is the same world where bike riding only makes places and spaces better. So to be part of the weather, to be active in choosing the proper gear, to make an appearance and showing up to work for good things, get on my a bike and ride.


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